Products designed to

enhance care.

Every Midmark product is designed with a single goal in mind: creating better care experiences.


Chairs, Lighting, Delivery systems, Seating, Operatory packages


Operatory cabinetry, 

Sterilization centers

Instrument Processing

Steam sterilizers,

Ultrasonic cleaners

Mechanical Room

Air compressors, Wet-ring vacuum pumps, Dry vacuum pumps


Digital impressions, Intraoral imaging, Panoramic imaging, Imaging software


Midmark operatory solutions allow you to define your practice and your patient’s experience with thoughtful design and cutting-edge technology that delivers both ergonomic performance and optimal patient comfort.

Expect more from your operatory equipment. Sophisticated styling, optimal patient access and exceptional patient comfort come together in the Elevance dental chair. Make excellence happen every day.



Technology is your focus. But it’s only half the story. Streamlining processes and operatory efficiency are vital. Thoughtful design is integrated into all Midmark equipment to keep your office running as efficiently as possible.

In your practice, the comfort of every patient matters. And nothing builds trust better than a warm and inviting setting. Midmark transforms the cold and clinical equipment of the past into a vibrant symbol of your passion.


Instrument Processing

With your patient expertly prepped and comfortably settled in your dental chair, it is your time to shine. Nothing stands between you and restoring your patient’s confident smile, or relieving her pain. Unless, of course, your instruments aren’t ready—or worse, are not actually sterile.

Midmark offers several exceptional choices from the M11 or M9, to the Quickclean Ultrasonic cleaners.


Mechanical Room

Midmark has brought together the best features and most proven technologies to deliver one complete air compressor and vacuum product offering, satisfying the high standards demanded by today’s dental professionals.


From the wet-ring vacuums of the ClassicSeries® to the oil-less dry vacuums and air compressors of the Power Series, Midmark has the products to exceed your dental office needs.



When you look for the factors that drive optimal patient care in your practice, consider the pivotal role of your imaging capabilities. Clear, accessible images, from the Progeny Preva or the Panoramic Vantage, serve as powerful patient education tools for better compliance. And with lightning-fast results supported by digital image capture and connectivity, your patients don’t have to wait, and neither do you.


At the end of the day, diagnostic excellence brings peace of mind to both you and your patients, and it all begins with quality imaging.