Belmont Quolis® Delivery System

Belmont Quolis® Delivery System

Quolis® Series Delivery Systems are beautiful, rugged, and jam-packed with high-end features to optimize your operatory efficiency and enhance the utilization of your Quolis® Q-5000 chair.

  • Details

    ● Delivery head rotation gives practitioners the ability to fine-tune access to handpiece instruments, in relation to where they are seated, for more ergonomic & stress free patient treatment

    ● Integrated accessories such as micromotors, handpiece fiberoptics, scaler, curing light and camera system are all controlled from a centralized control panel on the delivery head; therefore reducing typical operatory clutter associated with multiple stand-alone accessories

    ● 1st handpiece safety lock out function prevents operators from inadvertently activating more than 1 handpiece at a time

    ● Adjustable height assistant instrument arms provide a dimension of flexibility for assistant's, so they can comfortably set instrument positions within convenient and easy reach

    ● QDU models include configurations with lights, monitor arms and cuspidors. All models are left-right swing mounted delivery in order to maximize the use of operatory equipment for both left-handed and right-handed practitioners

  • Specifications

    ● 3 Handpiece control

    ● Foot control

    ● Digital display with integrated multi-control function panel

    ● Individual handpiece air and water coolant adjustment controls

    ● Handpiece flush switch

    ● Individually adjustable handpiece holder angle

    ● 1st handpiece out safety lock-out system

    ● Oil mist separator

    ● Master On/Off switch

    ● Doctor’s syringe (on Doctor’s delivery systems)

    ● Balance arm with pneumatic brake

    ● Pre-wired delivery system for adding optional accessory devices

    ● Bottled water system with bottle quick disconnect

    ● Height adjustable assistant instrument arm with 4 position holder (on Vac Pacs & Cuspidors)

    ● Assistant's air/water syringe, HVE and SE (on Vac Pacs & Cuspidor/PMU models)

    ● Air and water quick disconnects with outlet flow control (on Vac Pacs and Cuspidor/PMU

    ● Q-5000 chair adapter

    ● Quolis® contoured J-box with air utility (Cuspidor models also include water utility)