Forest Standard IC Delivery System

Forest Standard IC Delivery System

Equipped with an ultra reliable pneumatic control block, the Standard IC is acclaimed for its simple design and straight forward technology. We use one Clippard anti-retraction valve per handpiece enabling each one to operate independently. If a water drip were to occur in one position due to a stuck valve, two back-ups are available, unlike handpieces from other manufacturers with only one valve for all three positions.

  • Details

    Material:aluminum hinged lid / 1/8” ABS plastic chassis with super tough DR acrylic protective coating
    Benefit:  hinge allows quick access to controls & ancillary products / lid &  chassis are resistant to UV, impact & compatible  surface cleaners / aluminum lid is strong & lightweight

    Material: electroless nickel plated brass air & water T’s, routing valves, pneumatic control & distribution blocks
    Benefit:  lifetime warranty on all parts “under the hood”  (on all forest control  heads) / trouble free handpiece operation

    Material:aluminum handpiece holder bar with glass filled nylon injection molded handpiece holders
    Benefit:  allows for up to four handpiece positions, a syringe & ancillary touchpad at your desired angle & spacing

    Material:hinged aluminum control  head lid
    Benefit:  available in nine two-coat powder coat paint colors

    Material:plastic chassis
    Benefit:    available in three carbon fiber look & two solid color finishes