SciCan HYDRIM® C61W G4 Instrument Washer

SciCan HYDRIM® C61W G4 Instrument Washer

Automated instrument washing, the first step in the sterilization process. HYDRIM C61W G4 Instrument Washers provides a safe, effective and efficient way to clean instruments, allowing staff to focus on the most important thing in a dental practice, the patient.

  • Details

    HYDRIM C61W G4 instrument washers ensure instruments are properly and consistently cleaned before moving to the next step of instrument reprocessing, sterilization.

    • Capacity - HYDRIM C61W G4 washer has a 6 full-size cassette capacity, allowing offices to turnover 120 instruments in as little as 40 minutes, start to dry
    • Efficient – Can be mounted under the counter or as a counter top
    • Safe - Minimize physical handling of contaminated instruments, reducing the risk of sharps injury and creating a safer work environment
    • G4 Technology - Designed as a self-monitoring unit, WiFi enabled G4 technology can connect and send cycle data to your smart devices or computer, providing easily accessible cycle data, maintenance information and service logs

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